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Terms And Conditions

Thank you for visiting nutritionplanreview.com, a health and fitness blog. These Terms of Service are an integral part of the use of our services and you must agree completely to access it.

In this Agreement, we may use certain words or phrases, and it is important that you understand their meaning. This list is not comprehensive and is not to be construed as binding on the point at which it makes no reference to this Agreement:

“Agreement” means these Terms of Service;

“Nutritionplanreview / Nutritionplanreview Nutra” means our company, called “Nutrition planreview LLC” our website; our services; or combinations of all or some of the foregoing definitions, depending on the context of the word;

“Services” means the services we provide through our web site, including our blog, health and fitness related books and other services, and the Website itself;

“Website” means our website, www.Nutritionplanreview.com;

“User” means any person who accesses our Website or uses our Services, whether or not such access involves any remuneration of either party;

“You” means you, the person who enters into this Agreement with Nutritionplanreview.

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Nutritionplanreview is a health and fitness blog aimed at anyone interested in health and fitness topics. According to this agreement, our privacy policy and any applicable law, anyone can access our website.